The company  "POLYMENAKOS-MAXOULI SA " is active in the field ofExtra Olive Oil production, in the sectors of harvesting and delivering, processing, refining, packaging and marketing.

It is a company based in the state of Laconia, and more specifically in the vicinity of LAGIO in LAKONIA.

With knowledge of the importance of international consumption of olive oil , the products of our company, are received, temporarily stored, and processed with all the necessary care which is deserving of this invaluable offering which nature has gifted us with.

Our olive oil is derived from two particular genus's of the olive fruit.  That is Koroneiki (80%) and Athinolia (20%), and is processed in our facilities, at temperature below 28 degrees Celcius (cold extraction).

All the processes of our facility are completely in accordance with the associated regulations of our country's agricultural standards, and also the European Union (article 178/2002, 852/2004/EOK, requirements of cultivation of olive trees (2568/91 olive oil) having developed all the necessary installations which are the basis  of the requirements for the production as well as the planning and application of Quality Control System ELOT 1416.